Beginning with a noble cause, in the early 60’s, Sir Mathuradas Vissanji had laid the foundation for Lady Vissanji Academy, intended to educate the Girl Child. With a continual effort of achieving milestones, the revered institution went through 46 years of expansive progression, now that it is a co-ed academy – Vissanji Academy.

Vissanji Academy’s qualitative approach and an all-round development stratagem foster a recognized ICSE curriculum. Our well-laid ICSE curriculum and an excellent combination of co-curricular activities and physical education lead our students into emerging as successful and rewarding citizens of the state.

While concentrating on providing one of the comprehensive ways of educating our students, we constantly strive to bridge the widening gap between the present and the past generations. Therefore, although we have progressed towards the contemporary, we have never compromised with the traditional values. We ensure our students manoeuvre the right path to achieve success without compromising on their morals.

Vissanji Academy is one of the few schools in Mumbai city that offers much more than education. It proves to be a torch akin to hope in a society grappled between hostility and arbitrariness. Vissanji’s dedicated faculty puts in a conglomeration of sustained, careful, systematic & coordinated efforts towards achieving excellence and individuality. Here, students are trained to realize that, imperative to superlative performance is – relentless execution!